Denaly is sweet, she loves food, and is always happy.
Denaly will not back off of my pizza.
by Melyssasa March 25, 2018
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yo i denalyed her for being smart
by tyteiqua April 19, 2008
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1. n. someone high as fuck
2. adj. high as a motherfuckin kite
that fucker is a denali when he smokes crack

i was denali as Rush Limbaugh off dem vicadin snooters
by boolian October 16, 2003
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-A fruit part of the citrus family.
Closely related to a tangelo

-sexy as fuck
aka anal herpies
that denali tasted good.
or...she is major hit that.
by chester the molester010000 January 26, 2009
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she’s thicc and y’all every guy like hers. sometimes she can stab u in the back but she will always apologize for her mistakes. she is popular and has a lot of friends. her style is really nice and there’s something unique about them. go find a denali they will always be by ur side.
denali is awesome
by jerk girl March 25, 2019
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Driving a lifted GMC Denali outfitted with the latest offroad accessories. Thus, exhibiting an aptitude for spending money, by modifying the most luxurious truck offered by General Motors.
Man! I had to take my Dodge back to the house when he came through Denali Flexin in that new GMC.

She didn't even wait for the step to swing down jumping out of that Ford when she saw me and my boy Justin Denali Flexin from across the parking lot.
by gimpchicken November 29, 2015
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