Another word referring to what your type is or what kind of person you're into.
From "Zack and Miri"
Brandon: You're not my demographics so I'm not offended.
Zack: What's your demographics?
Brandon:Do you like pussy?
Zack:I do!
Brandon: Then not you!!
by Alfred Miller September 15, 2009
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A group of people of another race than yours. Commonly used while in a crowd of them, you could for example say
Wow that free stuff sure did attract alot of demographics.
by MJS May 18, 2005
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When two people love each other, but cannot make the relationship work, because their upbringing and backgrounds are too diverse, and they don't have enough experience in common to bond completely.
"Harry and Sheila were perfect for each other except they were Demographically Damned. He could never come up to her level."
by Mamahipster November 7, 2011
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Media slang for daytime television's target audience. Nicknamed for the segment of the population appealed to by commercials running from about 10AM to 5PM. Ads tend to be from industries like for-profit schools (ITT Tech, DeVry), personal injury/tax lawyers (Roni Deutsch, Binder and Binder) and car insurance companies that work with DUIs and tickets (The General, Cost-U-Less). Getting bumped to this timeslot is either the death rattle or a sign of syndication for sitcoms.
"Daytime television, you can tell who’s watching by the three kinds of commercials. Either it’s clinics for drying out drunks. Or it’s law firms who want to settle injury suits. Or it’s schools offering mail-order vocational degrees to make you a bookkeeper. A private detective. Or a locksmith. If you’re watching daytime television, this is your new demographic. You’re a drunk. Or a cripple. Or an idiot. "
Chuck Palahniuk, Haunted

"Jerry Springer just got bumped to the idiot demographic."
by SarajevoFixer1 April 23, 2010
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Basically, people (especially teens and adults) who read, watch or play something that's not really intended for their actual age demographic. One example is Harry Potter which was originally intended for children and adolescents but quickly caught on with adults as well.
Hank the Cowdog was originally written for adults, but became incredibly popular with children. That's one example of the periphery demographic stereotype reversed (the stereotype being that most think that adults always read something originally intended for kids, but now it's kids reading something originally intended for adults).
by CelticEagle February 12, 2019
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A term coined by the Albanian government, back when Albania was a Communist state. Demographic aggression is the contrived creation of large ethnic Albanian families. The ultimate purpose of demographic aggression is that ethnic Albanians become the predominant portion of the ethnic composition of Albania's neighbouring states. Aside from Kosovo, this phenomenon is currently observed in the FYR of Macedonia.
04:21 AM

CNN Report:
The Third Balkan war still wages on, as Greater Albania grows stronger and stronger. The policy of demographic aggression that was established more than a hundred years ago, and gave its first fruits with Kosovo's declaration of independence in the beginning of the century, now reveals its true power, as Greater Albania has secured the better part of the Balkan Peninsula.
by tbtwoMTC May 26, 2008
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A minority class of American voters that were deceased prior their vote being cast. Also, decomposed demographic.
The candidate seemed to have a strong showing from the decomposing demographic.
by Ola D the OG November 9, 2020
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