groundless assumption of a higher status or affectation than actually contained.
Jane's high falutin airs didn't impress her co workers at the factory. They knew that her date took her to the local drive in for fast food.

by Michelle Llauger April 14, 2006
1. Highly pompous, bombastic (speech).

2. Showing off, ostentatious, pretending to be above one's station in life, putting on airs.
1. Nan Tucket thinks that using high-falutin' words will convince people that she is a high-class lady.

2. Cindy Mae Lovett hasn't talked to any of her old friends since she started waitressing in that high-falutin' restaurant on Nob Hill.
by jennifer125 January 20, 2010
Someone who is desperate to be special and above everyone, and thinks everyone admires them. They do thinks so people think they’re special, but they usually make an ass out of themselves trying to impress people.
James drives nice cars that he put on his moms credit card, and he removes the muffler to sound cool but really just makes an ass out of himself. No one is impressed by him, he is high falutin.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx January 4, 2021