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Not experiencing any sexual attraction to another until a greater bond is formed.
"I used to think my sex drive was 'broken' or malfunctional until I learned about aesexuality. Then I thought I was aesexual because I never experienced any sexual attraction to another. Then I met _______. After knowing _______for _________(amount of time) and getting to know _______better, I started feeling sexual desires for him/her/them. This, I learned, is called 'demisexuality', meaning you don't experience sex drive until you are closely bonded with a particular person."
by Bella cools December 05, 2015
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Somewhere in between sexual and asexual, it's when you only feel sexual attraction to someone after having a close emotional bond to them
Person 1: So I'm demisexual
Person 2: Oh so you're one of those fake Tumblr sexualities?
Person 1: No, I just only feel sexual attraction to someone once I got to know them.
Person 2: Well duh! Isn't that everyone?

Person 1: You remember that random girl we saw yesterday?
Person 2: Yeah lol what does that have to do with anything?
Person 1: Would you say you wanted to have sex with her?
Person 2: Yeah lol she was hot.
Person 1: Yeah, that never happens to me. I could never feel sexual attraction to a stranger.
by Loyal Senti September 17, 2017
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To not be sexually attracted to someone unless you have a deep emotional and/or romantic relationship
Person 1: hey man lets have sex
Person 2: I'm demisexual :/
Person 1: ....wat

Person 2: I'm not sexually attracted to you unless we have a very strong emotional connection.
Person 1: oh cool. wanna talk instead?
Person 2: sure lmao
by smolbeanjoseph June 22, 2016
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Demisexuals are characterized by a lack of sexual attraction toward any person unless they become deeply emotionally or romantically connected with a specific person or persons. The level of connection it takes for sexual desire to form is dependent on how close the relationship is rather than initial attraction. It is an orientation that is not chosen.

Demisexuality does not refer to the active restraint or repression of sexual desires or actions.

Demi- is a prefix meaning half. This is used to mean halfway between sexual and asexual. The term originated in the asexual community, specifically within the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN).
Sexual partner: Hey, I think you are sexy. *aroused*
Demisexual partner: I'd have to reach a higher level of emotional intimacy before I could feel the same way. =\
Sexual partner: Oh, I see. Well, we can do something enjoyable together. =/
Demisexual partner: =D We can bake a cake for now!
Sexual partner: Sure! That's always fun, although we seem to be doing that a lot. =D
Demisexual partner: *squeee! bonding time!*
by chara89 May 11, 2011
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Demisexuality is a part of the asexual spectrum and is not invalid sexuality. It means that the person is unable to feel sexual attraction to another person unless there is a strong friendship between them. Some people may think that this is just 'hetero people searching for attention' but it really isn't. Demi from greek means half that means yourw halfway asexual halfway whatever-you-are. There are Demi-hetero, demi-homo, demi-bi, demi-pan and so much more.
Person 1: Hey, what was that thing that you wanted to say to me?
Person 2: Well, I'm demisexual.
Person 1: What is that?
Person 2: When you cannot feel sexual attracted to anyone unless you have a strong bond.
Person 1: That's just a hetero with a label. You're trying to be special. Plus if you're right and there is such thing are all heterosexuals sluts?
Person 2: There is a difference between not being able to feel sexual attracted and not wanting to fuck someone from the moment you met them. Please, think before you speak.
by Lord Lucifer Of Hell April 16, 2015
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A demisexual is neither primarily attracted to either sex, nor do they primarily desire to have sex. This means that a romantic demisexual is someone who, in layman's terms, looks for personality over sex by nature.

Primarily, the human will not be attracted to another human, but after being with another human romantically, feelings may begin to develop. This is further elaborated upon by Rabger's Model, which suggest human sexuality is created by four factors: Primary/Secondary Sexual attraction and Primary/Secondary Sexual desire.
Demisexuality is (apparently) a form of asexuality, related to gray-a.
I can't think of an example for demisexual xD
by Koda-La;; July 11, 2009
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