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A guy's name from Montenegro. He's a hot sexy beast, works at A&F. usually tall and very handsome. Nice guy all around and chicks are mirin' him all the time.
"That kid is 6.3 and plays Bball"
"Dude...sounds like a Demir to me!"
"OMG is that Demir?"
by showty1992 May 13, 2012
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a small Russian hermaphrodite security guard in a low rent public access TV station who always checks the bathroom doorknobs when someone is inside taking a leak...
DEMIR: "OH! Excuse me. I did not know anyone was inside the bathroom. So sorry. I will go now."
by boris lugosi October 01, 2004
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Little rat. Always obsessed with basketball and liking girls who are way out of his league. Is a jerk and asshole to most people. Swears like a trucker. Is Tweener from Prison Break. Thinks he's cool and is not.
That guy thinks he's so cool but he isn't
That guy's such a Demir
by rainbowfrog303 November 29, 2017
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A man who loves cars , and jerks off every night
Demir is a herb
by Dryjnfr February 06, 2018
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The act of controlling, or commanding a character, but not actually being that specific character.
Why don't you just demir them? Control them.
by JasonQuid May 07, 2018
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