A video game term most commonly used when a fan or bootleg company takes an already existing game (usually everything after the fith generation of video game consoles) and remakes it entirely on less powerful hardware. (Most commonly the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy)
"Hey dude what are you playing?"

"Oh just a demake of super smash bros on the game boy."
by DragonAnimation April 29, 2019
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lead singer of less than jake and is very talented and cool. and hot. he plays guitar for the band, and sings too. he and roger manganelli (hot fuckin bass player from less than jake) both share the vocals. go see less than jake in concert. its a gooooood time!
chris demakes is AMAAAZING!
by rogers loverrr October 28, 2006
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a "remake" of a old movie in live action, like Clifford the Big Red Dog
"have you heard of the new Clifford the big red dog remake?"
"please, there are so many live action demakes that its making me slowly die "
by Foxstiel July 3, 2021
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A complete Alpha male. Great man and Indestructible. The equivalent of Giga Chad.
George Demakes > any other guy
by NotGeorgethealphamale October 17, 2021
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New movie in a series, that completely denies what happened in series before.
"Have you seen the new X-Men demakes?"
by walkerintime November 2, 2018
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