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Overcrowded and under developed, Deltona is home to crazy mean old people, new young families, wanna be "gangsta" teenagers... and most importantly, deranged lunatics.

Deltona is a huge sprawling area of winding streets that lead to more winding streets that lead to more winding streets. The neighborhoods are as mismatched as the people, with shacks falling down next door to huge, weird looking 2 story homes. You can find the poorest inhabitants of this city zipping around town in their souped up BMW's, gas guzzling SUV's, or Mercedes... because even though they can't scrape together enough money to pay the electric bill they have no problem coughing up $450 for a car payment.

There is nothing to do in Deltona. Young families flock to "Dewey O", the local park, like wildebeest to a watering hole. Old people go door to door, soliciting their religion. Teenagers spend the majority of their time vandalizing things, smoking things, snorting things up their noses, or beating the living hell out of one another.

With a Walgreens on every corner, you'll never have to do without your pharmaceuticals.

The best part about Deltona is that you never know what you'll get killed for. Maybe over an X box? Maybe over the way you looked at that guy at the gas pump? Or maybe just because someone felt like it.

"If you get lost, make a series of right turns. You'll always end up at a major roadway."

Deltona: Home of the 2004 mass murders
by Momma Deuce August 31, 2008
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the white trash capital of florida. beat up cars and hicks along with insane wanna be gangstas. its also the home to confused redencks in 12 foot high lifted trucks with rebel flags waving in the back while blasting gangsta rap. the hicks here are confused due to them being rejects from the northeast, who now think that because they moved to florida they are now southern. try not laughing when someone with a really thick brooklyn accent trys to talk with a southern hick accent. the town is a complete dump. for a city with not one building over two stories tall its the largest population in volusia county. the new pine ridge high school is falling down and the original deltona high school looks like a prison camp.

people who have never been to deltona are sure to get lost, due to the city being a giant maze of screwed up streets. dont stop and ask directions because you may get shot.

they city (and i use that term loosely) is full of angry old people and insane gun toteing maniacs who will kill you or kick your ass just for looking at them. a few years ago a house full of people were murdered because some other local maniac wanted their xbox! he didnt shoot them he beat them with a baseball bat and hammers. he even killed the dog!.

the roads are falling apart and are full of deep holes that will swallow a normal car whole. yet the idiot kids who live there drive lowered junkers that drag the ground on a regular street. therefore you will see parts of cars strewn all over the sides of streets due to them bottoming out.
person 1 where do you live?
person 2 deltona
person 1 wheres that?
person 2 drive north from orlando on I4 till you hear banjos and youre there.
by deltona parolee June 03, 2009
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This over populated town is home to three basic groups: the Puerto Ricans, the gangstas, and the rednecks.

Lets begin with the Puerto Ricans. They usually sell cakes from the front of their homes (the signs read: "Se venden pasteles.")

The gangstas of Deltona will rob you, shoot you, and/or beat you to a bloody pulp right in public. These people are extremely dangerous and can be easily identified by their unjustified bragging and unnecessary hollering.

The rednecks make up a small percentage of the population and are usually found by the Middle School. It is not uncommon for them to yell racist comments, chew dip, and reproduce multiple times before the age of 18.

Drive-in liquor stores and drug dealers are right by the multitude of churches. If you are addicted to coke, meth, or like your ganja laced with unknown substances, move to Deltona.

While prostitution isn't a huge issue here, there have been a select few pregnant hookers wandering the streets. The teenagers girls here are disgusting, however, so there is no need to pay for a hooker when you can find a 15 year old with bad acne, a loose vagina, and a drug addiction.

Houses sell for as low as $16,000 if you don't mind rats, roaches, and getting shot up. In addition to that, Deltona is full of bad drivers.
Girl: "I'm from Deltona!"
Guy: "Fuck yeah I'm getting laid tonight."

Gangsta: "Bitch don't fuck with me I'm from Delrico!" *pulls out gun*
by DeltonaSucks April 25, 2011
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Deltona also known as Delrico or spiktona,

Deltona is a city that went from city of old people retired people to little punk hoodlums who live under a delusion that they're either gangsters or legit street racers where everybody knows everybody.

The gangsters usually natural born floridians claim there from the streets of NY and talk with fake accents and think covering themselves with tatoos makes them cool and tough.

Ricey ugly Hondas run rampant throughout the city. They usually have no power steering, cut springs, running on 300k+ miles and 120 hp avg and look like someone saw Fast & the Furious and tried hooking up there car with a combination of their Welfare checks and minimum wage from Macdonalds. You can identify these cars by their huge mufflers that make a loud obnoxious noise which is known to the Asian community as fart cans. Mirrors usually can be seen with a flag from the representing their families origin. (puerto rico) These people claim they are JDM (Asian style of tuning cars) although Asians cry at the sight of these cars.

Behind the scenes of all this ignorance and madness, there are great honest people who lived here since their younger years and attend school and have jobs with the hopes of getting a college degree so the first thing they can do is move the heck out this place.
"Where you live?!"
"Damn I'm sorry"
by AsianThatHatesIgnorance December 25, 2011
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the wackest place in Florida with the wackest people for ex: posers, losers, wannabees. Girls claiming dher bi 4 attention. Boys thinking they have style when they don't. So bascially a shitty place.
Girl: "Where are you from?"
Boy: "Deltona."
Girl: "Wtf. Where is that?"
Boy: "A shitty place with ugly ass girls & whores."
Girl: "Haha. Bumss."
by Chupamel0 July 10, 2008
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