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Deltona also known as Delrico or spiktona,

Deltona is a city that went from city of old people retired people to little punk hoodlums who live under a delusion that they're either gangsters or legit street racers where everybody knows everybody.

The gangsters usually natural born floridians claim there from the streets of NY and talk with fake accents and think covering themselves with tatoos makes them cool and tough.

Ricey ugly Hondas run rampant throughout the city. They usually have no power steering, cut springs, running on 300k+ miles and 120 hp avg and look like someone saw Fast & the Furious and tried hooking up there car with a combination of their Welfare checks and minimum wage from Macdonalds. You can identify these cars by their huge mufflers that make a loud obnoxious noise which is known to the Asian community as fart cans. Mirrors usually can be seen with a flag from the representing their families origin. (puerto rico) These people claim they are JDM (Asian style of tuning cars) although Asians cry at the sight of these cars.

Behind the scenes of all this ignorance and madness, there are great honest people who lived here since their younger years and attend school and have jobs with the hopes of getting a college degree so the first thing they can do is move the heck out this place.
"Where you live?!"
"Damn I'm sorry"
by AsianThatHatesIgnorance December 25, 2011
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