This word no longer has direct connotation to Japanese vehicles, any car can by "ricey" and any Japanese car can be classy. Making a car "ricey" simply means spending the bare minimum on modifications that instead of helping your car perform better, sound better and/or look better, they actually do the opposite.

Keep it classy people. Appreciate your car, if you can't afford nice modifications, save your money.
Putting a hood on an Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X that has more than 3 vents on it is ricey(Japanese example).

Putting a carbon fiber muffler you purchased on ebay on your Volkswagen R32 as opposed to getting a real catback exhaust is ricey(Euro example).

Putting 20" chrome wheels on a Ford Mustang LS is ricey(this might also just be called "stupid")

Putting Altezza style taillights on any car that does not come with them out of the factory is ricey(such as a Lexus is300, is400)
by Shenji April 28, 2010
(v.) When you vomit a small amount into your mouth and immediately swallow it to avoid a potentially disastrous and/or embarrassing situation.
Whoa! That was close, I just had a huge ricey after slamming that drink.
by Jimmy RéKon May 3, 2017
A person that is a beast at the game Fortnite and is also a great person.
Yo have you seen that guy, he's such a ricey.
by nxno January 9, 2019
1. person who enjoys the company of alcoholic beverages
2. also another name for alcohol

Person 1-"Who's that out of control drunk girl?"
Person 2-"I'm not sure, she looks like a Ricey though. Better stay away."

"Hey did you bring the rice for tonight?"
by bitchezzdontknowmylife January 29, 2009
to modify a car in japanese style

big body kits, big spoilers, bore exhausts, graphics, neons, etc..
"that cars well ricey"
by richmond george swan rice August 27, 2004
what dumbasses say when they cant figure out a word, and are too dumb to use a new one. so they take food terms to describe stuff, making their common sense levels look even lower. usually associated with cars.
as in when NOOBS ask about muffler sounds...

"is this muffler ricey"
by skoo-gy B March 2, 2004