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This over populated town is home to three basic groups: the Puerto Ricans, the gangstas, and the rednecks.

Lets begin with the Puerto Ricans. They usually sell cakes from the front of their homes (the signs read: "Se venden pasteles.")

The gangstas of Deltona will rob you, shoot you, and/or beat you to a bloody pulp right in public. These people are extremely dangerous and can be easily identified by their unjustified bragging and unnecessary hollering.

The rednecks make up a small percentage of the population and are usually found by the Middle School. It is not uncommon for them to yell racist comments, chew dip, and reproduce multiple times before the age of 18.

Drive-in liquor stores and drug dealers are right by the multitude of churches. If you are addicted to coke, meth, or like your ganja laced with unknown substances, move to Deltona.

While prostitution isn't a huge issue here, there have been a select few pregnant hookers wandering the streets. The teenagers girls here are disgusting, however, so there is no need to pay for a hooker when you can find a 15 year old with bad acne, a loose vagina, and a drug addiction.

Houses sell for as low as $16,000 if you don't mind rats, roaches, and getting shot up. In addition to that, Deltona is full of bad drivers.
Girl: "I'm from Deltona!"
Guy: "Fuck yeah I'm getting laid tonight."

Gangsta: "Bitch don't fuck with me I'm from Delrico!" *pulls out gun*
by DeltonaSucks April 25, 2011

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