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Best. Frat. Ever.

Notable Members Include:

Wayne Brady (Improv comic/ Actor)
Lester B. Pearson (Prime Minister of Canada)
Alan Thicke (The guy from fucking Growing Pains)
Alfred Sloan (GM Chairman)
Arnold O. Beckman (pH Scale guy)
Thomas Perkins (Newscorp Board)
Michael Eisner (CEO of Disney)
John Thain (CEO of Marrill Lynch)
Dr. Robert Cade (Inventor of Gatorade)
Randy Gregg (5 Stanley Cup Rings)
Juan Santos (President of Colombia)
Leland MacPhail (Former National Baseball League President AND GM of thhe New York Yankees)
James D. Rodgers (Former Head Coach of the Boston Celtics)
Pretty much the best frat around...

Delta Upsilon...Awesome
by DeltaUpsilon! May 31, 2011
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The worlds only international non-secret, non hazing fraternity. Delta Upsilon, an international men's fraternity founded in 1834, is committed to Building Better Men through our four founding principles, friendship, character, culture, & justice, that challenge our brothers to expect nothing less then excellence from themselves and others.
Rush Delta Upsilon

Dikaia Upotheke "Justice, our Foundation"
by AErrorist September 04, 2006
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Known for pounding the hottest strange on college campuses, running show in intramurals and pounding GDIs girlfriends the second they leave them alone. Can be easily spotted rocking short-shorts, sperry's and wearing costa del mars.
GDI: Where's my girlfriend

Friend: I think she left with that DUchebag in the sperry's

GDI: Damn I wish I was in Delta Upsilon!
by UABro-king September 26, 2011
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Commonly known as the biggest douchebags on college campuses nationwide. They pride themselves on their elitism (even though they take anyone who can throw a ball) and the fact that they are all overly obsessed with sports. Additionally, they are often referred to as DUchebags by others.
Hey man, whos that faggot?

Oh, hes just a DUchebag from delta upsilon, dont worry about him...
by john "hate those dicks" felder December 06, 2007
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also known as delta oops-i-signed, or the d uouschebags. they are basically a club with a house since they are a social fraternity and not a real frat. ask them anything about their rituals, motto, or handshake (if they even have one) they have to tell you, better yet go sit in on one of their chapter meetings since they are open to the public
person 1: Delta Upsilon sucks

person 2: Yeah, why would anyone sign with those lame ass bitches...They're not even a real frat

person 1: I heard they suck cock just for the taste
by Money Balls February 21, 2008
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