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The worlds only international non-secret, non hazing fraternity. Delta Upsilon, an international men's fraternity founded in 1834, is committed to Building Better Men through our four founding principles, friendship, character, culture, & justice, that challenge our brothers to expect nothing less then excellence from themselves and others.
Rush Delta Upsilon

Dikaia Upotheke "Justice, our Foundation"
by AErrorist September 04, 2006

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Pioneered by business school students who don't have class on friday like everyone else. Thirsty Thursday's is the worship of the gods of alcohol intoxication with limited consequences. Most important at colleges with a high commuter to on campus population ratio.
The best parties on campus are on Thirsty Thursdays.
by AErrorist September 04, 2006

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Mexican for know nothing coffee swill serving asshole
Foamy: What the f**k is a barista?
by AErrorist March 13, 2005

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