delivery(rap delivery) is the creation of a ryhme scheme set to a certain parameter of principles and variations and also manipulated to contain a sense of spontaneity in the ryhme.

delivery depends vastly on changes in the ending sylables;
variations of prolonged similar rhymes, and eventually if the skill is atianable variating the ending syllables to create eloquence and rythm.
there are several principles to how these variations are managed, but these principles vary from rapper to rapper due to differences in rappers individual style and delivery.

so basically, the way one rap's to make their rap's unique.
damn homie, mc yella's ryhmes are simple, but, they got mad delivery.
by syllablles May 22, 2010
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The act of removing a liver
The murderer killed three people and then performed a delivery on them.
by Kikokuso June 17, 2020
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The event of the pizza boy stealing your wife.
Ian: I can't believe it wasn't delivery.
Ian: Dear Diary, today I found out it's not delivery, it's fucking my wife.
by Into Thee Abyss January 14, 2010
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A term used in the sport of Cricket.

When the bowler sends the ball down to the batsman.
That last delivery nearly took the batsman's head off!
by LGD May 10, 2004
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When a dealer brings drugs around to your house or meets you somewhere near your pad.
"I'll ring up 'old mate' for a delivery."
by Diego August 24, 2003
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The act of paying for over priced American food of which an American chain restaurant claims to contain "meat" and no MSG. It is also certain that it will be hard to understand the Asian over the phone, taking at least an hour to get to you, when you discover the delivery driver wrecked the delivery vehicle, appearing to your door on foot. Also, these Asians always expect a large tip.
Them Chinese Delivery people need their own insurance agency to give them appropriate rates.
by AbeFroman4 December 24, 2014
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A god awful ad made by GrubHub that shows poorly modeled "humans" dancing and eating food at the same time. Spawned funny edits that are better than the actual advertisement.
GrubHub: Lets show boneless humans that are animated by illuminations dance in the worst way possible and call it delivery dance
by DatAmazingGamer January 13, 2021
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