(1) A tasty cocktail. (2) Greg Fry. (3) Anything that looks and tastes equally amazing. (4) The guy next door that jogs through the neighborhood without a shirt. (5) Most types of Polish sausages.
Hubba, Hubba, This Mango-Habanero margarita is Delish! ....And so are his eyes... I wonder if he needs me to massage those calf muscles?”
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A shorter, bastardized version of "delicious" used by both women and homosexuals. Straight men, even those with staunch records of heterosexuality, immediately relinquish their right to call themselves straight upon use of this word.
"Gay Man #1: Have you seen Justin Timberlake recently? Mmmm!"

"Gay Man #2: Right on, girlfriend. He's delish!"
by Elemenopio July 11, 2008
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A way to describe a tasty food item.
Hey Apoorva, this turkey is delish!
by John Delish January 4, 2010
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The most delish word (delish) used by young girls and old homo men!
Girls exp.
Cakey woman-Have you seen Zeek today hmhmhmhmhm.
Janny-Chyeahh he's delish.
Creepy gay guy exp.
Alex-Have you seen ryan Secrest abs?

Zeek-ohh yeahh. Thoose big 'ol chunkers are delish
by PancakesAreDelish April 5, 2009
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Short way of saying Delicious. Used commonly after seen in the film 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' uttered by the character Lucas Lee and well spread by Eric D. Hall.
This Pizza is totally delish.
This ice cream is very delish.
by Todalee Awsum Calleh December 14, 2011
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Shirley: yo! these fish sticks are hard as tits!
Chris: Nehan!
Shirley: Yehan!
Chris: Nehan! These fish sticks are delish!
by Chris1991 September 5, 2007
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