The most baller, quick-witted, handsome man alive. Way cooler than that stupid fuck Alberto. Lady-slayer extraordinaire and an exemplary guy to hang with. Better than Alberto in every possible way imaginable.
Hot girl #1: Should we invite Alberto to the party?

Hot girl #2: No way! He's a total poof. Let's double team Dekker instead.

Hot girl #1: 그래 그러자. 데커 완전 멋있다!

Hot girl #2: 더블데커다!
by albertolikesdudes November 28, 2013
Dekker the definition of douche bag. Condecing and immature.
Person1. Man the dude is always caught in shit
Person2. Ya he pulled a dekker
by Personsupport March 19, 2019
I can't believe that no one defined him yet. He is only one of the coolest legends to ever exist. Born Desmond Adolphus Dacres on July 16, 1941. Was a pioneer of first-wave ska in the sixties with his group the Aces, and the best known performer outside Jamaica before Bob Marley. Ska Boss.
The first time I ever heard Israelites I thought I landed in ska heaven. Long live Desmond Dekker.
by Orange Lady July 15, 2008
Legendary Muay Thai fighter- one of the best and most respected farang (non-Thai) fighters ever.

210 fights
185 wins
98 KOs
First non-Thai to be awarded Muay Thai Fighter of the Year award in Thailand
8 times world champion
Ramon Dekkers is a true champion.
by David JSE November 16, 2007
The person honestly makes people happy, with his powerful positive motivation and love. This person is really caring to his friends and family, loyal, talented, beautiful, funny and unique. His laugh and jokes make people happy. He gets scared pretty fast but his reaction can be also really funny (specially in Horror games). He is the best person and streamer on this floating ball. If this person wasn't alive i would be highly depressed and insecure. everyone loves him!
love in the chat : Noel Dekkers
by someone who loves applejuice November 24, 2021
someone who’s loyal, kind and pretty. In other word a zoe dekkers is someone who’s genuine and a companion everyone should be with.

zoe dekkers is someone that is a whole package in a friend and companion for life.
hi zoe dekkers, anyways stan stray kids yall
by imfoive November 24, 2021
Someone who deserves better after someone “Alex Tsakonas” used her. She is a funny person very small “5,0” nice, ugly “jk” Hot is the right word 😍 and u will never know who wrote this poppy or may I find out 😫
The definition of poppy dekkers is a person that is nice or actually her name is poppy niggers
by Heheheheheh I love men September 28, 2021