Degen is the shortened version of Degenerate - capitalised because Degens are a species.
They have all the qualities of a Degenerate yet are still somehow less mentally capable.

Origins are Philipp Degen, a Swiss football player.
Yo, that guy just put milk before cereal, what a Degen haha.
by Philipp Degen June 13, 2019
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A stock market trader who yolos all their money on a degenerate investment in the hopes of it mooning.
TheStockGuy is a degen - he yolo'd his baby's college fund on TAN calls and lost it all.
by October 12, 2020
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Gambler, "degenerate" gambler. Refers to card players, racetrack bums, bookies, dice & craps shooters, proposition (prop) bettors. Gamblers consider other gamblers degens, but not themselves usually. Card players consider sports bettors "degens." Sports bettors consider slot machine players degens. Etc
gambler degenerate bookie card player riverboat gambler bettor casino client table game player
by CJRogue September 30, 2012
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A chronic gambler who will bet on any obscure sport you can name, Russian ice hockey: been there done that. Irish ice curling: yep. Korean badminton: bitch please I can name every player
by Andydegen November 26, 2015
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The concept of sending emotional players and high rated fodder into an icon pack with the possibility of getting a prime Inzaghi in return.
Wow Zwe really sent every card in his club into the prime icon pack SBC. He has 16 coins left. What a degen.
by mclovinjazz February 27, 2022
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What people in Oakhurst and Coarsegold are referred to as. The universal low quality of life results in a small population born high on heroin with little mental capacity. They lack physical, mental, and moral qualities. They are easily spotted by their Walmart clothes, stringy hair, and tendency to drink gallons of alcohol in a day. It’s not worth messing with them because they’re already on a downward projection in life.
Hector: “Me and Katie are going on a date this Friday.”
Davis: “Katie is a degen. Good luck trying to have a conversation with her.”
by lickinalog June 28, 2019
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Any kind of person that has a hate-on for someone or some group for a reason they can't explain. Most everyone is a Degen in some respect.
Degen: Fucking kids who shop at Abercrombie are faggots.

Degen: Fucking kids who shop at Hot Topic are faggots.

Degen: Fucking emo pussies are faggots.

by Spoof January 26, 2005
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