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Enforces a hypocritical, oppressive clique based atmosphere in which the user agreement rules are enforced strictly based on his own whims and personal bias of each member. Allows constant flame wars and off topic thread derailment.
Banning and rule enforcement only to those personally disliked.

Shameless lack of professionalism and hypocrisy bolstered by blatant, situational lying.

Obnoxiously enforces rule breaking done by popular members, selectively choosing who has the right to defend themselves or criticize.

Cares more about enforcing status quo and garnering the respect of the high post counters than enforcing rules and doing his job.
Inzaghi told one member he doesn't censor members. Then told him to stop posting in a thread due to the member's criticism of the moderation (or lack there of) Other members continued to berate and flame with no consequence while contradicting themselves by telling those offended to "ignore" (Something they themselves refuse to do)
by Lig Na Baste March 04, 2008
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