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One who defelcts seniority or accountability onto another to avoid work at all costs
Joel: "Who is the most senior guy here?" (with obvious work to hand out)
Andy: "Vic is." (As he points to Vic)
Vic: "Fuck your face Andy! Do it yourself deflector!"
by flop worker December 31, 2011
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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A Republican who didn't back Trump originally but deflects any and all conversations about wrongdoing back to Hilary Clinton or the "Russia Hoax".

Doesn't necessarily consider themselves a Trump supporter but seems to support him anyway. Worse than an apologist because at least they will talk about what he did.
Person 1: *Talks about any one of the innumerable tantrums the Don has thrown"
Person 2: "But what you have to understand is that the dems have been talking all this mess about the Russia hoax this whole time and it's been NOW PROVEN-"
Person 1: "Quit being a Deflector, we weren't even talking about Russia!"
by notadeflector June 02, 2020
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Someone who tries to move the target abuse to another avoiding his or her mistake
Lorenzo; I'm not fat, don't talk about my weight you know I dont like it but you are fucking a ginger, Coby your an umpa lumpa and Mole your a cunt
Gingers girlfriend; maybe you wouldn't be so bitter if you didn't eat all the pies mate.
Coby; stop being a deflector and sort your own shit out instead of deflecting it to others
Lorenzo; removes himself from the chat groups

Lorenzo; apologises in the morning and asks to be put back in the groups pretending nothing happen
by Coby snr April 18, 2017
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