Somebody who is enlightened with the truth that spending money on a game is merely a flex and doesn't automatically make you a pro
Tom couldn't handle the truth that a default skin stole his victory royale even though he spent $10 on a battle pass
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian September 23, 2022
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A default skin is a person who doesn’t buy skins howecer is loved in every single way some may be bad some may be good however the only person who can decide how a default skin acts is CrAig
Look it’s just a poor little default skin he won’t hurt us :)
by CrAig the sacred god December 31, 2019
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Usually a noob in almost any sort of game
Guy #1: I heard Jake is playing fortnite, should we invite him?
Guy#2 : He's a default skin though
Guy#1: Nevermind then
by friendsonly__ June 12, 2018
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Anyone who uses a free skin and is naturally terrible at the game
I got killed by a default skin in Fortnite this morning”
- Wow, you must be terrible, or another default skin
by RevexRage March 7, 2018
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A player who uses free skins and is very bad at most games.
Guy 1: “Hey do you want to play with Anthony?”
Guy 2: “Isn’t he a default skin?”
Guy 1: “Good Point, never mind.”
by Fortnite God the 2nd September 18, 2018
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A default skin, usually used by fortnite gamers that live with their parents at 30,
is used to describe a player who dosent invest in items that give you no competetive advantage. These players are predominantly bad at the game so are memed and joked about. There are also huge nerds that want that 1# Victory Royale so badly that they put on said default skin to pretend to be bad and crush their opponents even harder.
That default skin is bad!

Lets pretend to be default skins!

Lets troll this default skin!
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