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Band formed after the first fall-apart of Jane's Addiction. Dave Navarro and Eric Avery formed it. Stephen Perkins was interested but instead, he joined Perry Farrell's project, Porno For Pyros. They had one album: Deconstruction. They had one video: L.A. Song. They had no tour. A one time project that turned out surprisingly well. Dave and Eric's band name comes from their rebelling from Jane's Addiction.
the song "Iris" by Deconstruction is a great song.
by Enzo Ferelli October 01, 2005
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A central premise of deconstruction is that all of Western literature and philosophy implicitly relies on a metaphysics of presence,1213 where intrinsic meaning is accessible by virtue of pure presence.1415 Deconstruction denies the possibility of a pure presence and thus of essential or intrinsic and stable meaning — and thus a relinquishment of the notions of absolute truth, unmediated access to "reality" and consequently of conceptual hierarchy. "From the moment that there is meaning there are nothing but signs. We think only in signs."Language, considered as a system of signs, as Ferdinand de Saussure says,24 is nothing but differences. Words have meaning only because of contrast-effects with other words. 'Red' means what it does only by contrast with 'blue', 'green', etc. 'Being' also means nothing except by contrast, not only with 'beings' but with 'Nature', 'God', 'Humanity', and indeed every other word in the language. No word can acquire meaning in the way in which philosophers from Aristotle to Bertrand Russell have hoped it might—by being the unmediated expression of something non-linguistic (e.g., an emotion, a sense-datum, a physical object, an idea, a Platonic Form).25 Derrida terms logocentrism the philosophical commitment to pure, unmediated, presence as a source of self-sufficient meaning.
No true definition can be derived, so this space is wasted trying to explain deconstruction.
by deconstructionexpert March 02, 2014
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