Awsome song by Paramore.

You can hear It on the Twilight soundtrack.
Decode-by Paramore

How did we get here?
I used to know you so well
How did we get here?
I think I know
by R u ppl friggin dead inside?! December 17, 2008
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decoders - a way of speaking that was developed by the musomba brothers & their close friends as a way of in the mid to late 90s.

It is a type of slang and or "decode" in which people can communicate with another without letting others who shouldn't here the current conversation, or who the conversation could be about be knowledgeable of of even if the person being talked about is present.

Dan: "foon left?" (foon interpretation of a "fine girl")

Somba: "ummmm..nah ur on crack"

Dan: " *laughs* well i couldn't really see"

Somba: "nah u lost points for today & tomorrow" (meaning he lost cool points for false claiming a good looking female for one that wasn't)

Dan: " wrong my decoders won"
by sombasan3 June 15, 2009
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An abnormal child which is presumably known as a ROBLOX game developer (Faz Theme Park Roleplay, ROBLOX game). If you see him, run away or he will eat you. If he says, "Have a good day", it means you're sus.
Fan: "Can I be your son in this roleplay?"
Decoded: "Okay, but I'm nonexistent as I'm currently located at the grocery store getting milk."
by decoded post October 30, 2021
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Insanely smart co-host of Default Radio and phone phreak.
Decoder is having free phonesex from the Pilgram Telephone backdoors.
by Nexis March 28, 2004
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a elite phreak, phriends with Lucky225 and host Default Radio
decoder is 31337
by Cr45 Du57 November 22, 2003
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1) The act of decoding a situation.

2) The act of decoding a personality type or psychoanalyzing an individual or group of individuals.
A. The paper was a decodation of Mr. Smith and his interaction with sally.

B. Specific decodation of a situation requires much thought and attention to detail.
by sidekicksail December 24, 2009
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