The day right after Christmas, it’s horrible. Hopefully it’s not your day of birth.
I sure would hate for my birthday to be on December 26th.
by Fiji Kwon October 15, 2019
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Me: Hey, I posted cute pics of us

Him: Aww, Thanks :) Love you. Wait what day is it?
Me: It's the 26th December, it's appreciate your boyfriend day!!
by dumb cnt December 25, 2020
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A day where a specific fanbase gets pretty much chaotic over the admin of @Boboiboy . They never know what will happen each year when it comes but there is something going on that'll lead them to a random chaos frenzy , somehow.

It all started with a post featuring a Supra in 2019 and the rest are histories.
" Dear Boboiboy bin Amato ,

* Inserts contexts *

26th December 2020 "
by blonde_brownie December 26, 2020
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A day with "love", This is time to ask your crush out! But its a prank
Amie:hey Jay I like you....
Jay:me to...
by Dipressed December 26, 2020
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No matter what in what hemisphere you are, no matter what day of the weekend is and how old you are. That day after christmas you must go to work/school without complaining about it, it's totally mandatory and you cannot do nothing about it.
Man, i fucking hate that this December 26th we have to go to school.
by Yoshi Crazy December 23, 2021
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Dec 26th is National Katie day
you Know December 26th is national Katie day
by Jake_white December 26, 2019
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