A smooth pimp like myself who makes a lot more money and gets a lot more pussy than you do getting scum to honor their commitments. Very frustrating at times but somebody must keep you fucks in line...
The debt collector finished the call and made another $500 in commission today...Tonight he’s banging yet another girl...
by PImpGrease April 18, 2019
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Someone that beats their meat vigorously as if it owns you money. Might also add phrases like "Show me the money" or "Give me all you got!" during the event
Room mate: Hey why do you keep yelling so much in your room about money and paying up??

RPAC: Duh cause i'm a debt collector
by MDAWG07 December 23, 2010
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The jackass calls constantly and always at the wrong time. Ussually some fag who is socially inept, can't get a date and wears a pocket protector. He uses the phone like a weapon the same way the school yard bully's used to beat him with a bat. But no matter what he says, he will still be a whimpy fag with a little dick and no life.
by tiredandpissedoff April 16, 2009
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Contrary to popular belief, the debt collector is not a jackass government worker, they are average people trying to make a buck. Although people think the debt collector is the asshole, the real asshole is the debtor. The debtor (aka anyone who owes a debt because they received a service which they in all their dumbassery think they don't need to pay for) is by far the dumbest person alive, believing that hanging up or telling the collector they dont have a job/moved far far away to save their stupid ass from being collected on will help, however, it will not as the collector can literally find out any sort of information on the debtor that they want, anything from where they work/live to their social security number the debtor is so dumb in fact that the collector becomes more and more depressed every day, not because the idiot debtor hurts their feelings, but because they witness firsthand the decline of the human IQ, which seems to decrease daily.
Debt Collector: Hi is Adam D***** there?

Debtor: What's this about?

Collector: I can only disclose the information to Adam.

Debtor: yeah, I get it, you can't say because you've been "dee-structed" to do so, right?

(this is an actual conversation I had with one of these morons)
by Broseph919191 December 11, 2011
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Someone who goes to the club and get girls numbers
Hey Bob I'm going to the club to get some numbers tonight
Bob: you better leave those broke hoes alone you going to be paying all there bills you must love being a debt collector
by Snowk1ng August 23, 2017
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