she's a fucking bitch SOMETIMES she will be petty and she looks like barney the dinosaur sorry but it's true i don't make the rules
omg is that deborah ??

omg it is...i love you you love me-
by Rag._Doll June 3, 2020
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Someone who displays xenophobia specifically against people from Banbury
Stacy is such a Deborah; she always says people from Banbury are thick as fuck
by Tcw1234 December 27, 2017
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Hailey: Deborah is so ugly
Darren: and she suck too much dick
by DaMainmaymain November 7, 2019
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Deborah is a nice kind person and will do anything for her family she will help people in need and get them things deborah she is the one she will do everything for her man
Man I wish I had someone like deborah
by Party lover 7 December 13, 2017
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Deborah is a (courageous) woman, a (true fighter), (beautiful in every way.) Most people in her life take her for (granted), but because of her "selflessness" and "generosity" she (overlooks) their flaws. She truly has (no idea) how unique, special, beautiful, and irreplaceable (she is!) The one person in her life who (gets) her would (never) ( sacrifice) or (miss) her! Once a Deborah (holds your heart) ❤ "no one else" can ever ( measure up.) When you have the (Gift) of Deborah, I promise you (No) other human can (Compare.) She is a (Ravishingly Beautiful) "Lady" in every "Way"!
by Contririum1 September 2, 2019
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DEBORAH (v): A series of steps people take prior to being photographed. Doing a "Deborah" is lifting your body and/or head up and slightly releasing it down into a pose. Either a smile or closed mouth slightly open for that enticing sexy factor is required.
Used in a sentence: Aimee caught Michelle, Susa, and Shortstack doing the Deborah and it worked. Pictures are worth a thousand words; when you do the Deborah you look fabulous!
by Aimscanbeshort September 29, 2011
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really nice and REALLY smart, lowkey tall and mesmerizing. also very funny and can match ur vibe well. definitely one of the best people you'll ever meet !
" i always thought i might be bad... "
finish the lyric deborah a. ;)
by stinky toes November 16, 2020
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