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Just give me a call around 7:30, and I'll give you the deats on where to meet up and who all will be there.
by D. T. Holub September 14, 2008
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To be a attention seeker and cut on your arms, except it’s on the back of your forearm.
Nicholas deats himself with a ruler after he gets rejected by the love of his life.
by Sumo_ November 28, 2018
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Form of expression, showing enthusiam for something. comparable to hell yea... only better
DEAT!!! ;(stressed out) DDDEEEEEEAAAAATTTTTT. ; Damn that girl is hot. DEAT!
by lukeyluke88 February 07, 2009
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Noun. Internet shorthand for "delete" or "deleted." Note that all tenses of the noun form are spelled the same way, but the verb form is "deated."
Noun: The offender's account is deat.
Verb: The administrator deated the offender's account.
by MammonLord March 12, 2004
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