a type of music that is so misunderstood, the drums is insanely hard to play b/c its so amazing, and the guitar is distorted but the solos are hard....overall it takes up alot of talent, but the lyrics ARE SO FUCKING STUPID THAT IT GIVES METAL A BAD NAME (either way i think death metal is cool)
kickass music w/ stupid lyrics- thats why thrash metal is the best
by metaljunkie999 October 24, 2003
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One of the darkest forms of music. Death Metal can scare the living shit out of preppies and other yuppie cockfucks. It contains a quick sound but acts like a slow drill. Devouring your soul and making you prone to "demon head voices". Its violent nature can cause side effects unprepared by many people. Such as hysteria, blindness, suicide, becoming emo and then committing suicide, devotion to satan and then suicide, "demon head voices", possesion, violent behavior to self and others, murder, so on so on. Most people think that gothics only listen to this freak masterpeice, but ney, it is popular with many people, mostly painfuckers and pseudo satanists. To be death metal you need a deep voice and you need to be able to stand in a heap of blood.
Pro-pain, Cannibal Corpse, etc.
by Jorge Sanchez June 21, 2005
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Possibly the worst genre of music. It consists of a asshole banging out "blast beats" on his drum set, a bassist that you can't even hear and a guitarist playing the crappiest riffs possible.

The vocals sound like some dude puking razors or something.

Death Metal fans are fucking faggots that will never get laid and they hate everybody that doesn't listen to death metal. They have some sort of strange hatred towards fans of hip hop and nu metal.

Death Metal fans say that anyone that listens to nu metal or metalcore would be scared to death if they heard a death metal song. No they would just laugh there ass off like everyone else does.
Steve - Listen to this Death Metal song isn't it so brutal? I bet if a nu-metal kid heard this he'd shit himself in fear.
Me: No he would just laugh at how bad this crap is.
Steve: You just don't understand real metal.
Me: No I just have good taste in music.
by Undertow0101 January 15, 2010
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Brutal metal. I have no problem with the music, it's just...What chips at most death metal fans asses(and I'm not saying all) if they don't even buy or listen to Nu-metal? Un-FUCKING-Belivable!
Death metal is a complex and pretty brutal style of metal, if only SOME of their fans.....
by o6v+8 September 16, 2003
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Satanic dark heavy as fuck metal that is often confused witg black metal. Death metal is full of heavy riff, blast beast, growls and is fucking awesome!
by Lord Of The Whores September 06, 2004
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music which is sometimes associated with the "goth" trend which is a same because it is great music. death metal has growling a earspliting vocals, fast drums and guitars. death metal seems less organized and rehearsed than normal music
by kyoshira November 26, 2004
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