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Some thing that is the best. Nothing can be better than Dealz.
Person 1) "Did you see that guy to a flip off that wall?"
Person 2) "Yeah man that was Dealz"
by Dealz July 10, 2008
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The term you use when something great happens in your everyday life.
Zach: Hey man, wanna go to a movie?

Jordan: Yea bro, i even got some girls for us!

Zach: Dealz!
by Maxdog009 March 30, 2011
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Of or pertaining to dealz.

Dealz is dealz, man. Plain and simple
Dude1:You got dealz?
Dude2:Yeah I got dealz.
by theonlycarmire September 16, 2007
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(Verb) that you use to express your general approval of something or someone. Typically people use it as a softer way to say fucks but also because it is a polite alternative to cussing.

Note: If said with -ing at the end, then the z gets dropped.
Frankie: What we gonna deal with for lunch today?

Sam: I was thinking Dominos.

Frankie: Oh there's one around here? Good shit, I dealz with Dominos!
by thEbx41 November 06, 2012
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