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A random deadline to complete a task, which has no real world consequences. For example, your office sets Monday as the deadline on all canned food donations for charity , but the box just sits there until Friday, which is the actual day they planned on taking it to the food bank.
"Hey bro, did you get your weekly report done for the big boss? He needs it today!"

"Naaah, it's only Wednesday. Wednesday's an artificial deadline, because he doesn't even send those reports to corporate for another week."
by Mr. Bill III January 28, 2016
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Someone who often uses words or terms such as "Valentime's Day", "libary", and "expecially", that are wrong -- and do not exist. These offenders also wrong talk words that should be easy to pronounce. For instance, "golf" is pronounced "goff". The "L" sound is somehow mind-numbingly ignored.
Person #1: "Man...what college did Kim go to"?
Person #2: "Why"?
Person #1: "Because that school must give out degrees like free coupons! She's such a wrong talker. She just told me she got her husband a season pass for the local GOFF course for VALENTIME'S Day
by Mr. Bill III February 9, 2017
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The art of a female keeping her legs closed to avoid any sexual advances.
I tried my best to get to third base with Gwen, but I didn't stand a chance with her magnet knees!
by Mr. Bill III December 2, 2015
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