Oh! Oh, hello! Hi there, I see you're looking up the definition of me. Now you may be wondering whose balls did I have to fondle to get my own definition. Spoiler alert is rhymes with Polverine.
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by ᴅeadpool March 31, 2020
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Wade Wilson, known as the "merc with a mouth", is an anti-hero in Marvel Comics , more widely known as DeadPool. In an attempt to cure his cancer, intense genetic experiments turned Wade into a walking tumor while also giving him an enhanced healing factor, which kills his cancer as fast as it grows. A fan favorite, DeadPool's abilities include being a "master" assassin, being so unpredictable that even Taskmaster can't analyze his fighting style, teleportation, increased agility, super-healing (duh), and being able to break the fourth wall.
DeadPool is a BAMF
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by Cosmic Raven July 06, 2017
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When the Government messes up your face and tells you on repeat their gonna fix it
DEADPOOL me all you want Krazies
by BLURNAGE October 16, 2020
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And will not hesitate to kill you expect to maybe have a conversation first

by EdenElizabeth August 16, 2020
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