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When a guy sends an unwanted dick pic.
'I can see you're proud of it but I'm going to throw it away without ever touching it.'
Exchanged numbers with David yesterday and he dropped a dead mouse on me last night.
by Anon1Adult April 1, 2016
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When a female places her used tampon in a toilet and doesn't flush it.
"What skank left a dead mouse in the toilet?"

Jane left a dead mouse for her boyfriend because he kept peeing on the seat.
(as a prank)
by J.S.C August 14, 2006
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The face you make when somebody gives you an inappropriate gift. Like when your cat brings you a dead mouse. You appreciate the effort but you can't fathom their thinking.
Dude! I guess Aunt Clara forgot you're not twelve anymore. You should have seen your Dead Mouse Mug when you realized she'd given you PJ's again for Christmas!
by SJ@24th June 21, 2010
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A well intentioned gift that is unappreciated, disgusting to, or disliked by its target audience (like when a cat gives you a dead mouse).
“She told him to bring alcohol and he brought fireball because he didn’t know it makes her sick… it was a total dead mouse.”

“I gave them a hug because they were crying but I didn’t know they hate being touched, dead mouse on my part!”
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