On the 22nd of December 2017, a video was uploaded by the YouTuber Stahlsby uploaded a video titled "DO YOU KNOW THE WAY" involving a mob of red and blue Knuckles avatars in the newly popular game VRChat. The mob of knuckles avatars with swarm around other players in the game and will make clicking noises and phrases in a mock African accent. I'm pretty sure no one knows the connection between Knuckles and Uganda but who the fuck am I. They will often say the following phrases.
"du u no de wae"
"My queen"
"I will show u de wae"
- Uganda knuckles
by hahahahahahahahacool January 9, 2018
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One of the most dangerous species belonging to the Uganda Knuckle Tribe. Their objective is to find a queen and force people to learn "de wae". When disturbed, Uganda Knuckles will react with defense by spitting and using their tongues to lure the threats away.
Uganda Knuckle: Do you want to know de wae?
Person 1: No
Uganda Knuckles: Spit on de fake queen
by asiankid529 March 24, 2018
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Normies: ;-;
by Ottowrex69_YT March 26, 2018
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*queen starts singing winnie the pooh* "CLAP FOR THE QUEEN"said uganda knuckles *starts clucking tongue*
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Uganda Knuckles is a lost meme that needs to be saved
Save Uganda Knuckles and you shall receive a cookie
by ThanosSnapped April 29, 2019
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A really great looking red knuckles who really needs to know, "Do you know da wae?"
Uganda Knuckles: "Do you know da wae?"
Bob: "U wat m8"
Knuckles: "Do you know da wae?"
Bob: "Ah, yes I do da wae."
by Iamamememan January 13, 2018
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