Memes that normies and inexperienced mainstream peasants enjoy. These are typically memes that grow very big but become classified as dead very quickly. Similar to 'damn daniel' or 'cash me ousside', these memes are almost the opposite of dank memes and can even be seen on the ellen show.
I'm sick of jessica spreading her normie memes to her normie friends, they just aren't funny.
by Swatchix March 29, 2017
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a normie meme is a meme which is so un-dank that it is given to the general Facebook community for 40 year old men to laugh at despite the un-dankness of the meme like the meme inst even spicy its just shit like god damn. E.g.

top text: mom: alcohol is your enemy
bottom text: Jesus says love your enemy. case closed.
normie meme

NORMIE: hey dude seen this meme its about cats
DANK PEEP: wtf did you just show me that meme is shit boi go back to facebook
by yeetus christ May 8, 2017
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Normie memes come in all shapes and sizes, but generally most of them share the same "top white header caption" format with an accompanying image below. See the attached GIF for an example.

Normie memes also share other common properties, such as deliberate JPG artifacts, the overuse of emojis, and (regarding the caption) a pronoun followed by a colon.

Normie memes do not include the "impact text superimposed on an image" type of meme. Those are classic/old-school memes.
Dude 1: Hey bro, whatcha doing?
Dude 2: Oh nothin, just scrolling through some normie memes on 9gag
Dude 1: Oh nice nice
by Obv troll is obvious December 30, 2021
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A meme page that steals from other thriving meme pages or is just gay. Usually the admin is a fat ass 25 year old who lives in his mother's basement or a 12 year old addicted to hentai porn.
Jim: hey pam are you starting a meme page
Pam: yea but im stealing other people's memes
Dwight: oh no pam, you're a normie meme page
Michael: she probably has a few extra chromosomes
by uterusboy January 18, 2018
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