When you roll a dead body over and air escapes out of the body’s rectum.
I rolled a dead guy over one time and the guy queefed right in my face.

Oh dang dude he gave you the dead mans last laugh.
by Narrow.Complex October 22, 2019
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Just another way of saying i dont care, similar to i dont give 2 shits!

Note - "Shit" must be said with much more emphasis than other words

Invented by tourrets guy (youtube)
Guy1 "who drank my Mountain Dew!?!"
Guy2 "I dont give a dead moose's last SHITT!
by Tadman October 15, 2012
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When you've reached the point of no return in terms of giving a dead mans last fuck. You simply do not care. There is not enough nihilism in the fucking world to describe the immensity of the fuck that you do not give.
by ConsensualRapist August 02, 2011
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One in contention who played out to such a degree as to declare the game over...to give every appearance of qualifying only to be called out for a final try and curse someone out...
No one believed what she had risked now she's dead last...
The game oldmaid drew the queen...
In a class by herself no dead last...
To suffer anonimity...dead last
It was an inside joke, she came Out now she's dead last...
by Opal zen June 17, 2017
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