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A dayson is a person you’d probably rarely meet. It’s a unique name, if I must say so myself. They’re quite nice, when you get to know them they can easily be influenced. Though, they’re actual personality is still deep down and it will shine at the right time. They will either love you with all there heart or hate you. No in between. They wouldn’t replace there friend or family for anything. So in case you find a dayson, just make sure you never loose them.
“Oh hey look, it’s dayson

“JAKE PAUL MERCH?” Says Michael

“Uh no, its dayson!” Says Nixelle

“Yay!” Says everyone else in unison
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by Anon_ym_ous June 03, 2018
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Dayson is a funny, awesome, person who you can trust no madder what the situation is. He's obsessed with hats. Plays a very competitive game of Ultimate Frisbee. He is likely to have a fight with his brother over a literal bite of pizza. He loves donuts and can eat a gallon or two of ice cream in one sitting. He lives in a home where they always eat amazingly healthy while still making it delicious, he also milks a cow most mornings and nights thou sometimes one of his 4 brothers does it for him. Sometimes acts like a Nerd, and knows Pokemon. Is a very good singer and Actor... usually.
Person: Hey Dayson! Are there any new plays going on, I really liked the Star-Trek one.

Dayson: No but there will be one this fall, I think it might be a Pirate one.
by Shmermafer August 01, 2014
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Noun: A male who is attracted to underage women, and/or flirts with younger women with the intentions of intercourse.
Guy 1: Have you seen Tom over there with them year 9's?!?
Guy 2: Yeah he's being such a Dayson.
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by FosuInit December 07, 2016
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