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A wonderful person. Someone who will always be there no matter what the situation is. A girl who makes everyday worth living, enjoys the simple things in life and is loved by everyone, even if they are only looking at her from afar. A friend for life, a beautiful person both inside and out.
"Dayla, you're the awesomest person in the entire world!"

"I wish Dayla would notice me. She is someone I would love to date."
by DinosaurD February 17, 2010
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sexy beast. writer of vulgar comics. goat herder. poodle dyer. lover of all things vagina.
Dayla, the sexy beast, loves to write vulgar comics about goat herders dying the hair of poodles while telling a sheep a vagina joke.
by annabananna_2006 August 25, 2008
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She’s a true asshole needs mental help. She always wants to talk and bother you. She never can get over that fact she will be alone for life. She’s so boring that people believe she isn’t alive at times. She’s a huge nerd and never does anything normally.
by Heavan Raymer holt August 04, 2018
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