A show talking about an apocalypse, where mostly all humans are turned into weird things called “ghoules” but the kids aren’t infected, 2 most known adults survived (Ms crumble which is the teacher and the principal)
1:“Have you watched daybreak?”
2: “Omg I love it so much!”
1: “yess sameee”
by DaTruth_666 July 20, 2023
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The best punk band regina has ever heard. Though if you are reading this you will never hear them and that's a dirty shame. The screaming by the front man Zac is unmatched, the guitaring by the Sean's are great, The bass by Jon(h) is sweet and the drumming by Jizz - amo is stellar. (Gotta live them drums).
Have you heard that song by Daybreak, no wait no one has. That sucks. But if they get big you can say that i told ya.
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 26, 2005
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Something that helps those long 8 hour days staring at a computer screen working on that WENUS report.

A video, news article or traveling gypsy show outside your office that makes the day tolerable by giving you a few minutes requiring no concentration what so ever. Baby Boomers used to have a daybreaker at the water cooler talking about their golf game and some dude's ugly kid.
Dude, I was just about to zone out when my BFF sent me this awesome daybreaker link to a pygmy and a rollercoaster.

Every now and then, I search the web for a daybreaker to wake up the staff. Best yet was some guy suing BMW for the motorcycle seat giving him a 20 month woody.
by mtnaggie May 1, 2012
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The act of staying up until an inappropriate time. Usually involving a social situation that goes beyond an "acceptable" length. The sun must rise during said situation with all participants awake.
We're daybreaking, let's tap the sun out!
by Daveed Weinberg August 1, 2011
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a mystical cult composed of rythms and jingles dwelling in either the far east or middle west. frequently misinterpreted as 'purposelfully destructive' their fondness reigns trans-culturally through molecular spheres of peacewaves.
This is daybreak?

Is this daybreak?
by beethoven_ February 6, 2010
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My jaw hit the ground when I saw that daybreak.
by Goodguuy December 4, 2003
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Awesome "emo" band from East Meadow, New York. Though have recently split up, their 2003 demo was incredible, and they could've been signed for sure.

Visit shortofdaybreak.tk to download some of their songs and feel their awesomeness.
"Whoa, the Short of Daybreak demo is awesome."
by ckybam May 6, 2004
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