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Djooo is a name Scott Hoying used for himself in the popular Sup3rfruit video: Try not to laugh challenge. It made Mitch Grassi choke from laughter and it was really funny tbh.
Scott: Hello everybody welcome to the best show on the internet my name is Djooo *Mitch's hysterical laughter*
by WheezingPotatoe August 31, 2017
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the name scott hoying gave himself in sup3rfruit's 'try not to laugh' challenge video.
hey everyone welcome to the best show on the internet! my name is djooo
by WheezingPotatoe October 21, 2017
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a lovable korean rock group with 5 (used to be 6) amazingly talented boys.

we have jae, the half american-half korean. he's a talented singer and guitarist who makes people's hearts melt when he sings. a beautiful individual.

we have sungjin, a funny, beautiful boy. he's also a guitarist with a really stable, sometimes raspy voice. he loves making the other boys laugh.

we have young k (also known as brian). the bassist who can sing and rap. he loves teasing the othes and can be a brat at times

we have wonpil, an amazing pianist with a amazing and suiting voice. he's very puppy-like and loves attention. he's a beautiful, precious boy who deserves all the love in the world

and we have dowoon. the drum. he's a literal drum. he doesn't sing anything other than low pitched backup vocals, but he's amazing at drumming and making the others happy with his presence
"stan day6, theyre great" - elon musk, 2018
by WheezingPotatoe July 07, 2018
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