The name of a complete sweetheart. A very caring person who just has too much love to give to everyone and everything on earth. They’re very soft and caring, and likes to goof around even when people find them annoying. They tend to be incredibly talented, probably more than even they know. Very gullible and innocent at times, will probably believe most of what they’re told at first even if it sounds ridiculous. They’re sensitive and kind hearted, and become emotional very easily. They require love and care but will give you 100x more love back. Definitely take good care of these softies.
“Wonpil will just come up to you randomly and kiss you on the cheek and run away with no explanation”
by DAY6sKoala February 2, 2018
THE LOML he's literally the BESTEST BOY in the whole wide world. nobody and i mean NOBODY is allowed to dislike him. EVERYONE in the world love him so much and as you all should, if you don't then your life is probably very sad
i fucking love Wonpil
by wonpilprotector69 September 22, 2021
Synthesizer and keyboardist of a korean band named Day6. //Usually get criticised from his bandmate Jae by wearing his expensive pink knit sweater which was noticed worn by a kpop legend G-Dragon and appear in the movie Zoolander.// Actually is a fluffball and everyone love him, including his bandmate Jae. //Often get called as a Jukebox due to his unlimited and wide music knowledge.
1. Jae is indeed love Kim Wonpil, because everyone do.
2. I aspire to be someone like Kim Wonpil. He has a great taste in music.
3. Kim Wonpil love his pink sweater.
by the soft one June 10, 2018