The bottom of the ocean. The final resting place for dead pirates.
Where's your captain?
We lost him during the storm, he's in Davy Jones' locker now.
by Tavita March 9, 2006
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An elevator on a cruise ship that someone farted in, right before exiting.
I got in the elevator just as this old lady was getting out. The doors shut before I realized she had sent me to Davy Jones' Locker.

This guy got on the elevator with the worst BO, so I sent him to Davy Jones' Locker.
by Double Happiness June 28, 2012
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Death. The afterlife. The world beyond this mortal coil. Term used by pirates to define death.
"That landlubber visited Davy Jones' Locker long ago, matey."
by The Boston Rag February 28, 2005
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The free cups of ice water that one gets at Taco Bell.
Fuck, my iPod fell into Davy Jones' Locker!
by MJBaboon October 16, 2007
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the bottom of the ocean.
as heard on spongebob or sailor slang
I'm gonna send your ship to davy jones locker!
by mr. pink January 11, 2005
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where semen go to die. the small of a slapper's back, but can include her arse as well. often adorned with a tramp stamp.
wow, even the prosta-tots have a shag-tag on Davy Jones’ Locker now-a-days!
by bcoe January 31, 2008
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A sex act where you insert a squid or octopus in your rectum, in order to expel it while your partner is giving you oral sex as a joke.
Dude! I totally pulled a Davy Jones Locker on that girl I met at the frat party last night!
by LogSwift January 18, 2012
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