Short name of David, a different way to call dave.
Hi Davs, hey davs, eysa Davs,hey Dave,Hi David
by SILVERIO DAVID March 07, 2007
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Davs are another word for cigarettes, they derive from the brand Davidoff which make a hell of a cigatette
Oi you got davs?

nah man, wna go shop nd buy?
by khron0s October 17, 2011
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1.A slang term for an extremely cool person.

2.A name given to someone who's name begins with the letter 'D' and are a chav.
Ben: Hey Daniel, you're so chav.
Daniel: Erm thanks.
Callum: Oh my god it's a dav!
Gareth: er wut.
by Seriouslynotsomeoneyouknow August 07, 2009
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A seagull just Dav’d on me!
Just wait a second I need to Dav.
by Matt Shefter April 18, 2019
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A "Dav" is a noun that's generally used when describing someone who's often on the computer (usage including 4chan and WoW) but somehow escapes being branded as a geek or a nerd by his peers. He does this by balancing his PC affliction with selfless gestures and/or being funny.
"He's on WoW again? WTF!"

"But he leant me the new Muse album..."

"Really? He's such a Dav."
by thefriendlylion October 04, 2009
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