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The 17-year old American Idol contestant from Utah, also referred to as "Archie" by his fans. He has one of the strongest voices AI has ever seen, and he is talented beyond his years. People like to hate on him because they think he's only winning because he's cute and loved by millions of girls, or because he's a baby, and rumors have been started about his father being a 'stage-dad.' He is also not too creative with his performances, like co-finalist David Cook, but is still has a purer voice than Cook. Nonetheless, Archuleta has talent at a young age that even the best idol contestants probably did not develop until later in their lives. Whether you want him to win or not, you have to admit he is talented.
David Archuleta didn't do so well on American Idol last night, his song choice wasn't too good.
The 17-year old David Archuleta has such a good voice for someone so young!
David Archuleta has a HUGE fanbase.
by heyyygirlHEY! May 19, 2008
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