Amazingly cute guy on american idol. In my opinion, if he doesn't win, America is deaf. I mean, at 17, he is really talented, and he sings with such emotion it just makes everyone watching him smile! Plus he is humble, and reaallly cute.
Ryan seacrest _ and now, David Archuleta!!!!!!!
Audience- Uproarious applause.
*David sings*
*after singing* David- Thank you! You have no idea how much being on this show means to me!!
by Haley Barth March 02, 2008
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An over-primped stage child whose demanding father has carefully crafted a soulless, robotic teen star whose identical weekly performances of banal ballads have won him a large number of emotionally unstable pre-teen female fans.
OMG! I luv david archuleta cuz hes such a qt and when i grow up i'm gunna marry him. OMG!!!1!
by Jesus P. Santiago 90210 May 07, 2008
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Lucky kid who girls seem to think is the greatest just because he looks like a penguin-monkey, is shy and because he can sing ballad after ballad endlessly until death warms over. He is also an object of both pure hatred and mindless love (ugh).
Why the fuck is David Archuleta liked so much? Am I even alive? What is the purpose of life? Can I die now?
by JobesJeebs May 26, 2008
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