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An amazing and talented singer who came in runner-up on Season 7 of 'American Idol'. He is extremely kind and is an inspiration to others.
Did you see how amazing Archuleta did tonight?
by CRK-A-B June 03, 2009
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-Is usually a last name, that any girl will be lucky to take as her own one day. Archuletas' are usally very sweet,nice, caring, trustworthy, truthful, and funny. He can always make you laugh and pick you up when you're down, there is nothing he cant do. Archuletas' are usally very good a sex and have even been called a 'sex god' before with large dicks. They are really shy at first but will be very open after you get to know him. He may not be the most attractive guy in the world but he will make you fall for him in a second and dont let him go. Hes a very good kisser. He is the type of guy who will joke around every chance he gets but will be serious when he has to. Archuleta is the name I want to be one day taken by. ♡
I wanna marry an archuleta.
by smileynialler May 25, 2014
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An extraordinarily raging homosexual boy who is temporarily covering his sexuality by pursuing a bogus entertainment career to prepare for his life long dream as a toothless glory hole attendant at a highway rest stop.
Neil: I talked to the town hall about the Archuleta that lives by the elementary school. Bob: Ya dude that guy's a real sicko.
by billybobhomo May 14, 2008
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