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A sexy man who likes to snuggle. He's a bit goofy but always fun to be around. He will treat you like a princess if you deserve it but don't ever get on his bad side. He's awesome and smart and loved by all a dog lover but mostly dobermans and pits. He works hard and plays harder. He also loves music of all kinds
That daveion dude is awesome did you he DJs

Man he can do every Thing
by Marley 420 June 27, 2012
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Daveion is someone everyone notice as soon as he walks in the room. Daveion is the most kindest, caring, affectionate, spontaneous & cheeky person you’ll ever meet. Daveion’s has the most beautiful smile you’ll ever see and can bring light in any dark room by the sound of their laughter. Daveions are very charismatic and seems to always know the right things to say and when to say them. Daveion‘s are very genuine people to those they admire and it’s only a few admired by Daveions. Daveion is smart, quiet, and can be portrayed as a lone wolf. When knowing a Daveion they will make you feel like your on top of the world. Daveions tenderness is never hard to find comforting in as they also love to be comforted. Daveions tend to hide what they feel and would expect for their companion to figure it out. Daveions also struggle with insecurities both of which physical and emotional. Daveions are hard on their self by not allowing others to express their affection towards them if they don’t feel as if they are worthy of it. Daveions insecurities alone would cost them relationships and opportunities. Daveions can also be one of the greatest friends/companions/lovers/partners anyone could ever have... once Daveion realizes their worth having. Get on Daveion’s bad side and they’ll make you regret it. Daveion’s seek revenge and won’t rest until they feel as if the battle was won. Daveion is very handsome & takes pride in their appearance. Anyone should be proud to even know a Daveion.
“Daveion always smell so immaculate.”
by Loveisagamble_ March 01, 2018
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