Person: Hey did you see that guy beat that level in Geometry Dash?
Person 2: Yeah he's so good! He must be a dasher.
by AdashioX October 23, 2019
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A way to calm chaz down by saying things like
"Put a cap in it dasher"

"You got all the cash but I got the brains"

"Cool your jets dasher"

by jackro224 August 6, 2019
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noun; someone who uses a restroom and exits without washing their hands.
"Rob, did you see that guy? He just used the stall and walked right out!"

"Man, I hate that. What a dasher!!!"
by m-dub February 13, 2006
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A rapist. if you have seen the sloth meme that goes “dashing through the grass, i’m coming to rape your ass” that’s were the term comes from.
jayda: *accidentally touches camryns ass*
camryn: DASHER!!
by Chichi the puddle November 14, 2019
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A cunt in DI who gets bullied a lot even tho he is quite high in leadership in his division. Big daddy is refereed to his very low iq, and there is a book currently being made about the best ways of bullying him.
Daddy Dasher is a weebass cunt
by Someone From DI May 12, 2019
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A small child that wears diapers, and has a BIG LOAD of shit in their diaper and needs to be changed, but when you try to grab them to change the diaper they bolt across the house running fast dashing from room to room.
Look at that diaper dasher go!!!!!!! Grab em quick corner him over there go go go go . . . . get em!
by JoeyJawBreakers May 5, 2008
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1) The building practice of splashing decrotive gravel on wet concrete walls

2) the shitting practice of leaving a decrotive pattern of skidmarks on the back of the toilet bowl,usualy after a diet of weed,beer and chocolate

3)A collection of cindy crawfords
Clean that after you fuckhead!!
That crapper has more skidmarks than a formula 1 race track!
by shitty Nicko November 17, 2004
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