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The most influential, intellectual man you could ever ask for. Always fashionably dressed, and always funny, Daryian will steal your heart with his boyish good looks, and his deep, brown eyes. He is commonly referred to as Gamecube Hallion, Big Penis Hallion, Money Getting Moon, Sexy Ass Daryian, Daryian Chestnut, and Chest Rockwell. He is the best 2k player of all time. He has been know to practice and be incredibly proficient at magic, having made his first million at the age of 3.
Damn did you see Morris Chestnuts new movie? He aint got nothing on Daryian.
by D.HALLION THE THIRD November 26, 2017
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Daryian is girl capable of showing all the friendly qualities if you keep it real with her and be respectful to her. She will say hi to you. If she betrays you, just remember that we have to love our enemies like Jesus did and pray for those who abuse you. If you come across her at a club or a dance, she will really get along with you well. A Daryian is the type to raise her eyebrow in the "bitch girl manner" if you walk into her jewelry store.
Daryian will be her own type of cool.
by ChristianQueen June 18, 2018
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If a Daryrian doesnt like you, its probably because she doesn't hang out with you. Can work at least three different jobs. Walk into her on accident and she will give you the evil eye. Don't befriend a Daryian.
Daryian can be nice if you are nice to her, thats all. Just pray for her.
by ChristianQueen May 21, 2018
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