When a straight guy is in a dark room having sex with what he thinks is a women but it is actually a transvestite. The transvestite sits on his pole and then plants shim's root into his belly button.
"Dude did you hear about Beau getting hit with the Dark Secret?"
"Bummer man, shim looked like a chick at the bar."
by Gulf Coast Misfit October 30, 2011
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Whats your grandma's dark secret smoking weed in a dark ally with some black guys or being stared in a porno with a black guys house dick? And by the way I don't want to know.
"Whats grandma's dark secret? "Jimmy.
"You don't wanna know." Grandpa.
by Bob McRoss December 5, 2016
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Dark Secrets,le prix du sang. A crime novel of the french author Alexandre Schoedler.
Describing an elusiv criminal wich shadow is lurking upon several cities like New York,Los Angeles,Las Vegas and french riviera cities in France like Cannes(you know,the film festival XO) Nice and Monaco.
A action thriller full of crazy things, like sadistic yakuzas,a woman with several identities,a pervert cop,gambling scenes in stylish palaces in Monte Carlo (my God,so chiiiic)and weird trips like the taxi driver escape or the ambulance kidnapping with a crazy nurse,or the pool jump from a hotel roof! Some killers also of the russian mob and so on. Just a mad novel wich is in the climax of Pulp Fiction and so.
Its only a rumor, no one believe he exists, an urban legend...But some say they worked for him... Dias !
Dark Secrets
by Wikidark February 5, 2017
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