House pussy's mate. A house dick is a man that you can copulate with at any time you wish. It resides in the same house as you, and is usually referred to as "husband" or "signficant other".
House dick is the biggest blessing.

I have to go home and ride that house dick.

Don't want none of that street dick. I am going home to my house dick.
by @nosilla_ann October 22, 2015
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Living with a man that you can have sex with at any time.
If I have to be quarantined during this pandemic, thank God I have In house dick.
by KimmieRose April 23, 2020
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To take a form of permanent writing utensil, usually spray paint, and drawing a large dick on the side of a house.

(An extreme form of party shaming. Usually only used by party crashers or when the host is being a cunt beyond reason.)
"We ran into some preppyfags house party, stole some liquor, and then dick-housed one of them when he hit Fallon."
by TomKVideo January 4, 2009
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to insert your penis into anyone or anything, thereby making it a place where your penis can live comfortably for long periods of time.
Shut the fuck up, Cliff, before I make your mouth my dick house
by Jeff Bentz August 10, 2004
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An offensively irritating person.
Smally just won't shut up about Fleetwood Mac. What a dick house!
by cocerned_citizen August 2, 2006
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1. a place which no man should enter it is featured in raywilliamsjohnsons video. if you go there you are probably going to be molested
but i wanted to go to dicks house
by iamagayhomosexual March 5, 2011
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One who is like an asshole but takes it to another level of carnage
by Ben G. April 5, 2003
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