A guy who is unbelievably attractive! He has an attitude that is at times unbearable, but completely unique. He is hilarious and a good listener. He is intelligent and quite the jackass. He leaves a lasting impression on all girls he plays. He is a great musician. He has a nearly unbreakable facade up at all times. He can be hard to deal with but if you can withstand his personality it is completely worth it.
O he must be an Alexandre, look at him play that guitar.
by AyyyKayyyy March 23, 2013
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His cock is as big as a baguette and as thick as beyonce's ass!
When I saw Alexandre's penus I thought it was splendid!
by Beyonce's ass September 24, 2019
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Alexandre is always an athletic man, he usually practices masculine, physical and tactical sports, genuinely martial arts or team contact sports. He is equally intelligent as kind. He always devotes his time to those he sees are worth it. He will never give up on you when you truly need him. Most of all his is loyal and will never loose a friend he has without purpose. Alexandre’s are genuinely shy around girls yet confident and fairly popular in a community. He genuinely has a taster for fit brunettes. Alexandre’s have a very unorthodox way of approaching physical situations especially in physical encounters and situations. He will only choose the best option that benefits him and his allies. Alexandre’s will always protect thier family and friends not hesitating to place thier lives at risk to do so. Alexandre’s are genuinely tall and athletic and incredibly strong. They are generally black or browned haired. Never risk your relationship with an Alexandre because his memory is as solid as steel. But he will always forgive you if he sees fit. And will always do so if it is something petty. Alexandre’s are genuinely wealthy and live a great and long life.
Eliz:”that Alexandre dude is really fit
by Ralph Baker-Ronin July 28, 2019
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Alexandre is a very funny, kind, and quirky person. He cares about his friends and family and would do anything to protect them. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and a dark and dirty humour. He hangs out with the wackiest people on the planet but they are also the nicest people you will ever meet, one friend in particular is the weirdest and dumbest one ever, she is stupid, ugly, and good for nothing. He plays lots of rainbow six siege and is pretty good at it, way better than most people. If you ever get the chance to be friends with alexandre then your really lucky
Person 1: "I hope Alexandre is doing good today."
Person 2: "yeah he is, but he always hangs out with that stupid girl"
by A dumb girl December 16, 2019
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Usually someone who can be described as "A freaking god". Honestly, nobody is as cool as him, but he allows them to think they are. Also, he can cook K.D and bake cookies. Just saying.
"Oh hey hey", "You sir, are gooned", "Keep calm, Chive on!" - Alexandre
by SeñorMooington September 24, 2011
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Alexandre is a sexy ass nigga who all the ladies love. He usaally Marries girls named ruby, jules, Emily, Vanessa, or sydney. Alexandre can make anyone smile or laugh he is the man for you . If you know a alexandre that's single you should get with him cause in his 30's he'll be super cute
Is that alexandre he's so fucking hot
by The white shadow - 2437 November 27, 2018
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A guy, hat fetish, probably drives a Datsun, has the hottest girl friend who has a girlfriend, likes a bit of weed, can cook spaghetti, usually lives with a guy called Ben and loves the jingjing.
"Sweet as", "What's doin man", "That'll buff out" - Alexandre
by Miss B ft. Gracie July 25, 2008
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