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Dariane can be really annoying when he is younger, and is kinda a man hoe but that’s ok it all changes when he is older and finds out what love is. When he is older he is very popular in middle school like he was in elementary. But he is loyal to his girlfriend, he may be popular and have a lot of woman friends but yet he will have eyes on this girl. They last for a long time. You think Dariane looks so strong on the outside but really he’s sensitive on the inside. Some Dariane’s are good at soccer, and some other sports but will be kinda soccer mostly.

Everyone wants to be friends with a Dariane. You should even you get to met one! Quick advice- don’t joke with him a lot he doesn’t like to be played, and don’t get on his bad side! Like don’t say Darin, or other names that isn’t “Dariane” a lot of people say that so don’t say other names that are not Dariane please, he seems like he doesn’t care but he really doesn’t like it.
Person number 1: Hey Darin!
Dariane: oh hey...
Person number 2: ITS DARIANE!

Dariane and person number 1: .....
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by Someone🌙 June 17, 2018
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